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What is Honey Processed coffee, and why is it better?
Coffee is essentially a fruit, and because of this, all coffee has to undergo some sort of "processing" before it is shipped from the farm to your favorite coffee roaster. Spoiler alert, no actual honey is involved... To understand honey processed coffee, you must first become familiar with the two typical coffee processing methods; washed coffee & natural processed. When coffee is washed, the fruit, skin, and mucilage are surgically removed from the coffee cherry; often referred to as “depulping”. The remaining coffee beans are washed, fermented, and dried. Natural processed coffee is sat outside in the sun with the skin and pulp of the coffee fruit. You can accredit this to complex, fruity-flavored coffee beans. Honey processing is where the two processes meet in the middle. In honey processing, the fruit & pulp are removed while the mucilage remains. Then the coffee is dried, unlike washed coffee, which involves removing the mucilage. This unique and complex process results in some of the most exciting flavor profiles found in modern coffee. Honey processed coffee is a must-try for any true coffee drinker!
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