roasting great coffee

At Wisdom Coffee we are committed to quality.  What we mean by that is that we focus on providing freshly roasted coffee that is carefully crafted to bring out the best attributes of the original bean.  We rarely blend coffees, preferring to focus on the qualities of a specific coffee from a specific region. 

We go to great pains to ensure that each batch is consistently roasted thereby providing a reliable quality that you and your customers can depend on.  We continue to focus on quality after the roast by choosing the best available packaging and most importantly, helping you select and fine tune your coffee equipment to achieve the optimal brew or extraction.  You probably have to try it to really understand the amazing difference that a focus on fresh, consistent, quality oriented roasting makes.

building great relationships

At Wisdom Coffee, we are committed to buying green coffee responsibly.

We want to treat the farmers that grow this crop as our neighbors and our family.

One way we do that is by always buying exceptional quality coffees at premium prices thereby rewarding exceptional producers and encouraging their continued growth.

By working with our green coffee importers we are also able to connect with some of the actual families, tribes, clans, communities, and co-ops that are growing the coffee.

By establishing a relationship, a connection, with these people we are able to contribute to their community in the form of a verifiable price that is higher than the market and Fair Trade but is congruent with the quality of the coffee they produce and which helps the growers get full value for the pains they have taken to produce an exceptional coffee.

In some cases, part of the premium goes directly to projects to establish health care, education, and other community resources.

A fresh cup of wisdom coffee is an experience that brings together what is worlds apart.

making a difference

At Wisdom Coffee we are not just engaged in business, but in making a difference both here and abroad.  We are trying to help our producers succeed and we would love the opportunity to help you succeed.  We believe that if we work together we really can make a difference, together.